5 Secrets to Maintaining Healthy Radiant Skin Year-Round

5 Secrets to Maintaining Healthy Radiant Skin Year-Round

5 Secrets to Maintaining Healthy Radiant Skin Year-Round

From spring to summer to winter, our skin deserves our attention. Whether you suffer from oily or dry skin, the changing seasons often do a number on our appearance and health. Everyone wants soft, smooth skin that social media filters have gotten down, but most of us don’t know how to achieve this.

How do we get this kind of skin in real life? While there may be complicated routines or services that companies claim will work miracles on your skin, here are five simple skincare secrets that can help you maintain healthy radiant skin year-round.

1.   Keep those eyes bright

While we may wash our skin every day and even use an array of products to get the beautiful skin we see in filters and pictures, it may all go to waste if we’re not paying attention to a very important aspect of our faces: our eyes. From sagging eyelids to dark circles under your eyes, there are problem areas that, when taken care of, can change your whole appearance. So, before you buy expensive cleansing creams, first, consider investing in sagging eyelids cream and under-the-eye gel pads for the skin around your eyes.

2. Don’t forget to exfoliate and moisturize

While we may use wipes for quick makeup removal, that’s not enough to really clean the build-up of makeup, dirt, and oils collected throughout the course of the day. The presence of bacteria and dirt on your face can result in numerous issues, including acne and clogged pores. Exfoliating cleansers can not only help you remove dirt and makeup, but they can also help you get rid of dead skin. Of course, exfoliation can at times be a bit rough on your skin, especially if you’re prone to dryness. Follow up your exfoliation with a moisturizing routine.

3. Wear sunscreen regularly

If you’re hoping to keep your skin from ageing quickly and looking fresh and healthy, sunscreen is a must. When we say wear your sunscreen regularly, it means just that. If you have a makeup routine that you do every morning, put your sunscreen on before you do your makeup. It can help prevent wrinkles, sun spots, and other problems associated with too much sun exposure.

Take some time to determine which type of sunscreen is needed for your specific skin. For example, if you have melasma, you may need to find a physical sunscreen that has zinc in it to help provide added protection from dark spots that can develop without it.

4. Remove your makeup every single night

It’s easy to go to bed and forget to take off our makeup. This is why it’s a good idea to make a habit of a skincare routine every night. Even those late nights out with friends still call for makeup removal, especially because our night makeup tends to be a bit heavier than our daytime application. Sleeping with makeup on is detrimental to healthy skin. Our skin renews as we sleep and it can be difficult for this to happen when your pores are clogged.

5. Pay attention to your diet

If you suffer from acne or have puffy skin often, the secret may very well be in the diet you have or in what you drink. For example, those with high alcohol consumption may often look inflamed and puffy in the face, regardless of the skincare routines they may have. Additionally, some people’s acne issues may stem from foods that cause them to flare-up. There are different foods you can consider adding to your diet, including olive oil, fish, and greens to enhance your skin’s health and beauty. You should even consider adding collagen to your smoothies or coffee, which can work wonders for your skin’s radiance and overall health.

Radiant Skin Year-Round

Final Thoughts

Healthy skin makes for a more radiant you. These simple steps don’t require expensive procedures or overpriced products, but they can make a huge difference for your skin’s health. From your diet to the sunscreen you wear, these tips can help you have healthy-looking skin all year long.

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