5 Indoor Options For Cardiovascular Workouts

5 Indoor Options For Cardiovascular Workouts

5 Indoor Options For Cardiovascular Workouts

Cardiovascular workouts are so important for not only reaching our fitness goals but also for our overall health. Cardiovascular fitness is all about the body’s ability to perform aerobic activity or exercise for any prolonged period, with food cardiovascular fitness being linked to many positive health factors, as well as happiness. Getting that cardio burn or workout doesn’t mean you have to leave the house, as there are plenty of indoor workouts to get your heart racing. Check out these 5 indoor cardiovascular workouts to try next time you want to get a sweat on.

Get running 

Going for a run doesn’t mean you have to leave the house, all you need is the right equipment. Many cardio lovers prefer to run in the privacy of their own home, on a treadmill. Treadmills are a fantastic piece of equipment to have at home if you want that cardio workout. Not only can you run in privacy, it means you can run anytime you like, day or night. Many runners who don’t use a treadmill have to compromise on their workout because of daylight, safety and even terrain. With a treadmill you can run anytime you like and even use preselected routes to get a significant cardio workout. Treadmills have a range of options including inclines, distances and speeds to choose from, making the right workout even easier to find, and all from the comfort of your home.


High-intensity interval training is another great way to get that cardio workout indoors. HIIT combines simple bodyweight exercises with timed intervals that keep your heart rate right where it needs to be to get that cardio burn. All you’ll need is a mat to work on and then you can get to work on exercises like burpees, squats, lunges, push-ups and more. These workouts are specifically designed to get you fitter and faster than ever before. Any living room or even a dining area will be big enough to complete a workout, making HIIT the perfect at-home cardio workout.


Another simple and very easy way to get a cardio workout indoors is on a bike, and we don’t mean your actual bicycle. Exercise bikes are perfect at-home equipment for getting a cardio burn, all while you watch your favourite TV show or listen to a podcast. Exercise bikes come in a range of sizes with many great features to get you sweating and working hard, whilst indoors. Easy to set up and even easier to store, exercise bikes are the perfect indoor cardio equipment to help work toward your fitness goals.

Rowing machines

A little more niche than a treadmill or exercise bike is the rowing machine, which often doesn’t get a look in. Great endurance and cardiovascular workout, a rowing machine will test even the fittest of at-home athletes. These sweat makers are easy to store at home, simple to set up and even better for hitting those cardio goals in a different way. Whether you want a long-distance challenge or a short sharp burn, rowing machines are a great indoor cardio workout.

Boxing bags

It may not seem like a true cardio workout, but anyone who has done a few boxing classes will tell you that boxing is one of the best cardio burns you can get. Challenging every muscle in your body, your heart rate will soar with a punching bag at home as you dart and duck around the room. Setting a boxing bag up in the garage or even out the back will give you the perfect indoor cardio workout. A few boxing sessions a week and you’ll be rewriting those fitness goals in no time.


Cardiovascular workouts are a great way to feel healthier, smash your goals and get a good sweat on. The challenge can be finding the time and feeling safe while you work out and doing cardio workouts indoors are the perfect solution. So next time you want a cardio burn, consider these 5 indoor cardio workouts.

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