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when to seek sexologist

Sexual Dissatisfaction: When to See a Sexologist?

Did you know that 51% of Indians are not satisfied with their sex life? Recent research shows that 22% of women do not reach orgasm when they have sex, while 62% of men have difficulty maintaining an erection.

Sexuality is very important, so much so that its relevance is legitimized by the WHO, the World Health Organization (WHO), which states that sex is one of the pillars of quality of life. This means that dissatisfaction in this area can negatively impact the general well-being of adult individuals.

It is worth noting that sexual problems can be related to multiple factors, such as hormonal changes, self-esteem problems, stress, anxiety, depression, past traumas, organic issues, etc.

Regardless of what the cause of sexual difficulties is, it is essential to seek help to solve the problem. The sexologist in Delhi can be a great ally in this task! Check below when this professional should be sought.

When sexual dissatisfaction is persistent

It is natural that from time to time the person does not feel fulfilled in bed. Sex after a stressful day at work, an occasional difficulty getting an erection, or an isolated episode of premature ejaculation is nothing to worry about. However, if the problem is lasting, turn on the alert signal and find out what is happening. In some cases, treatment should be multidisciplinary, with the participation of a sexologist in Delhiurologist in Noida, gynecologist, physiotherapist in Dwarka, etc.

When emotional blocks prevent your sex life from being full

If taboos and emotional or cultural blocks get in the way of fullness in sex, it is recommended to see a sexologist in Delhi as soon as possible. Contrary to what many think, sexuality is not just a matter of the body. It involves the mind too! In most cases, sexual dissatisfaction is closely related to problems such as past trauma and mental limitations, such as low self-esteem, depression, low self-confidence and insecurity with one’s own image.

When you want to learn how to deal with sex life

Look for the best sexologist in Delhi to vent and learn to deal with your own sexuality in the most natural way possible. This professional will receive you with discretion and without judgment, as he is prepared to hear and deal with complaints such as shyness, fear and embarrassment during sex. In addition, the psychiatrist lives daily with complaints about sexual monotony, infrequency, lack of foreplay, low libido, lack of attunement, etc.

When you need to treat a specific sexual disorder

Sex life may be unsatisfactory because one or both partners have a sex-related disorder. Sexual dysfunctions are characterized by psychophysiological changes that hinder performance and satisfaction in sex. They are disturbances capable of generating difficulties in the relationship, in addition to accentuated suffering. Major disorders include sexual aversion, hypoactive sexual desire, dyspareunia, orgasmic disorder, premature ejaculation, sadism, vaginismus, exhibitionism, fetishism, masochism, and erectile dysfunction.

Breast Ptosis

Breast ptosis, what is it and how to fix them?

Did you know that breast sagging has a medical name? This is breast ptosis. This derives, mainly, from the loss of elasticity and firmness of the skin. It is a natural thing but can be aggravated by giving birth or menopause. Although it is not a disease, it is an aesthetic problem that complexes many women. Fortunately, it can be corrected with a proper breast lift surgery in East Delhi.

What is ptosis or sagging breast?

Breast ptosis is sagging of the breasts in women. It occurs because the breast is not supported by any muscle, but by the skin, fat, or ligaments, explains the plastic surgeon in Noida.

How to know if you have sagging breasts?

These fibers give way over the years, so the breasts begin to fall below the inframammary fold.

Breast ptosis can be classified into three degrees:

  • Grade 1 mammary ptosis: the nipple and areola are well above the line of the inframammary fold.
  • Grade 2 mammary ptosis: the nipple and areola are at the same height or slightly above the inframammary fold.
  • Grade 3 mammary ptosis: the nipple and areola are located well below the line of the inframammary fold, looking down.

That is, it is subdivided according to the distance established between the nipple and the inframammary fold.

Is sagging breast a problem? Who is affected by breast ptosis?

So, is breast ptosis a health problem or just an imaging problem? Well, the latter, but it can affect the self-esteem of those who suffer from them, undermining their mood.

What are the causes of breast ptosis?

These are several of the reasons that lead to breast ptosis:

  • Aging.
  • Gravity.
  • Weight changes.
  • Bad nutrition.
  • Smoke.

Sagging breasts are more common in women with large breasts but can also be seen in people with smaller breasts. After all, gravity has consequences for everything.

Does breast ptosis have a solution?

The only solution to correct sagging breasts is plastic surgery in Noida. Through mastopexy, the plastic surgeon in Noida will be able to raise the breasts and return the breasts to their firmness, shape and original position.

  • Grade 1 breast ptosis: a periareolar mastopexy will be performed, in which the excess skin around the areola is removed. This operation is usually accompanied by a breast augmentation with a prosthesis.
  • Higher degrees of breast ptosis: mastopexy with vertical scar or inverted T is performed.

If breast sagging represents a problem in your life, it is best to turn to plastic surgeon in Noida who can put an end to it.


Mastopexy in Delhi is not free of possible complications. However, if this surgical treatment is carried out by a qualified and experienced professional, the result will be impeccable.

To define or not to define breast: how do I know if a breast lift surgery in East Delhi is right for me?

The higher its grade, the easier it will be to detect a case of breast ptosis. His thing is that an expert analyzes your case, to advise you in a personalized way.

Preoperative consultation

In the consultation prior to this operation, a rigorous aesthetic study of the breasts must be carried out, in order to establish realistic objectives. The position of the incisions and their design will be determined. Likewise, it must be agreed with the patient if she wishes to replace the volume that she already has or if she also wants to undergo a breast augmentation in East Delhi.

It is convenient to analyze each part of the breasts. In addition, the symmetry of both breasts and their relationship with the breast will be checked. Well, sometimes these evolve differently, and can cause some kind of asymmetry.


To reduce the effects of breast ptosis, it is recommended to wear a comfortable bra daily, without metal frames, that does not put pressure on the breasts.

On the other hand, it is recommended to abandon harmful habits for the firmness of the skin. To give a couple of examples:

  • Bad nutrition.
  • Drink too much caffeine.
  • Smoke.
  • Bathe in very hot water.
  •  Prolonged exposure to the sun.

Although the breast does not have its own muscle, it rests on the pectoral, which supports it. So, if it is firm and toned, the breasts will be better positioned. Sports that involve tremors (football, tennis, horse riding, etc.) have a very negative effect on the breasts, especially when they are voluminous. However, those that tone the back and breast (basketball, volleyball, swimming, etc.) are quite flattering. To practice them, you will need a well-fitting sports bra that has an elastic support band under the pans.


You no longer have to be alarmed the next time you hear breast ptosis. Now you know what it means and that it does not represent something dangerous for your health. In case you are concerned, you have seen that it can be corrected through plastic surgery in East Delhi. If you want to raise your breasts, contact the plastic surgeon in Noida!

premature ejaculation cure

Cure premature ejaculation once and for all

The word “cure” implies that there is a disease. You should know that premature ejaculation is not really a disease, it is a male sexual dysfunction; most of the time it is a behavior that can be modified. That is why we dare to say that curing premature ejaculation once and for all is possible if we start with a correct diagnosis and follow the treatment recommended by an expert sexologist in Delhi to the letter.

Take note of what follows!

How do I know if I have a premature ejaculation problem?

There is often confusion about it. Many men think they have it because they climax before their partner and this is not necessarily an indicator of a problem. There is a difference between wanting to “last longer” and being a premature ejaculator. This difference lies in the lack of control over the moment of ejaculation.

Let’s explain in more detail: Premature ejaculation is not a question of time or duration, but of control -or lack of-. But if we need a reference in minutes, the best sexologist in Delhi considers that there may be a dysfunction when ejaculating between one and two minutes after penetration or even before penetration.

Identifying the following symptoms can help you know if you suffer from premature ejaculation or not

  • You ejaculate without being able to avoid it before you want it.
  • You ejaculate at the slightest stimulus or touch.
  • You ejaculate before penetration.
  • You ejaculate as soon as you penetrate.
  • This has happened to you throughout your sexual life.
  • It happens to you suddenly and it has happened more than once in the last three months.

It is important to know that this weather condition can generate a feeling of stress or discomfort with yourself, which you also cannot control no matter how hard you try. A good reference to know if you suffer from premature ejaculation is to talk to your partner.

Without hesitation or euphemisms, ask her if she feels satisfied, if she thinks there is something wrong, if your response to stimuli has changed or is too fast. Open yourself to dialogue without fear. The couple is the best mirror and she is able to see what you sometimes can’t, right?

How to cure premature ejaculation?

If you are waiting for a miracle to cure premature ejaculation with natural remedies, natural medicine, home remedies, a pill or exercise videos, forget it! You are wasting valuable time to get over your premature ejaculation once and for all.

When you suspect that you are being too quick to reach orgasm and your sex life is not satisfactory because of this, the best thing you can do is visit a sexologist doctor in Delhi who is an expert in male sexual health. From the first consultation, he will make a diagnosis based on some questions about your sexual history and very simple physical exams.

You will be reassured to know that in 90% of cases, the cause is bad learning that can be reversed. Very few patients have physical problems such as hypersensitivity in the glans or infections in the ducts that transport semen. Even so, there are treatments that will allow you to recover the pleasure of having longer lasting sexual relations.

The most effective solutions for premature ejaculation are those that address the problem from various angles: medical, psychological and therapeutic-sexual. Comprehensive treatment potentially increases the chances of success.

Probably a drug will be recommended by sexologist in Delhi to help you increase the intravaginal latency time (time the penis remains inside the vagina before ejaculating). Medications, in combination with some exercises designed by specialists, have given great results in thousands of patients.

These medications can increase the levels of a neurotransmitter in our brain, serotonin, or they can be local anesthetics that slightly decrease the sensitivity of the penis.

The origin of premature ejaculation can also be psychological. When the individual feels great anxiety, stress, fear of failure, low self-esteem or even depression, it is likely that these emotions “explode” in a premature ejaculation.

A hidden desire to “finish soon” or the desire to let off steam and reach the moment of “relaxation” after sex, can determine a pattern of compulsive behavior. The bad news is that sex will not fix emotional problems, on the contrary! If the underlying problem is not treated, it will only generate more anxiety.

The same thing happens when sexual intercourse is avoided for a long time. At the time of a sexual encounter, the accumulated desire will come out suddenly, without any control. In these cases, what is necessary is to take psychological therapy. A qualified sexologist in Delhi is the one to help the patient and guide him in the process of learning to control her emotions.

As we have already said, most cases of premature ejaculation are due to behavioral causes, that is, poorly learned practices from the beginning of sexual life or bad habits acquired at some point, which then remain as something “normal”.

The sexuality

Sexuality, like other human behaviors such as language or displays of affection, are learned. Although we are sexual beings and as we grow we develop a biological instinct to reproduce, sexual relations – at least good sexual relations, healthy and satisfying ones – are not carried out by instinct. We have to learn from the most basic such as visual and tactile stimuli, to how to create affective ties through sex.

When we begin to explore our body, we discover something that always makes us want more: pleasure. A sensation so pleasant that it momentarily disconnects us from the world. Sexual pleasure is an explosion of energy triggered by a multitude of neuronal connections and chemical substances in the brain: dopamine, serotonin, endorphins, oxytocin… that make every cell in the body tremble, involve all our senses and finally, they explode in the long-awaited orgasm.

This is the most important point in the topic of premature ejaculation. Whoever suffers from it, stops feeling pleasure. Surprised? If you think about it, it makes all the sense in the world. For a premature ejaculator, ejaculation ceases to be a gratifying sensation and can become a mere automatic, distressing, embarrassing, painful reflex.

The conformity of women does not help either. You would be surprised how many women are dissatisfied because of premature ejaculation. Many of them prefer to remain silent so as not to hurt the man’s feelings, so as not to generate more problems or simply because they have not learned to seek their own pleasure; they were taught that this is the way it is, period. But imagine what it means for a man not to satisfy his partner. It takes a lot of selfishness to ignore that.

The inability to give pleasure will always cause frustration, sadness, anger. If men are valued for their performance in bed, there is no way to feel sure of themselves, let alone have a harmonious and happy life.

But whatever degree of premature ejaculation you suffer from, the premature ejaculation treatment in Delhi will be adjusted to your specific needs. You should be aware that the results are not as immediate as in the case of erectile dysfunction, which can be treated with a pill.

In the case of premature ejaculation, the treatment requires a longer period of therapy, since in addition to the medications indicated by the best sexologist in Delhi, a series of exercises are included that the patient must carry out to the letter over several weeks. With perseverance and discipline, in a reasonable time you will be able to notice the change. The degree of satisfaction for yourself and your partner will be the best indicator that you are doing it right.

And since we mentioned the couple, it is important that she gets involved in the treatment, as long as you feel comfortable with it and there is a good degree of communication between you. The participation of both will make the process faster, more pleasant and with the advantage of strengthening the ties between you. Remember that you are coming from a period of “misalignment” that affects both of you, so it would be very good if you stayed together to overcome premature ejaculation. Union make force!

Final considerations

  • Step one is to determine whether or not you suffer from premature ejaculation, this must be through a diagnosis made by sexologist in Delhi.
  • Talk to your partner. What affects them both, must be solved between the two.
  • Leave behind fear, anguish and shame. This is something that happens to millions of men around the world, but very few seek treatment. There is no reason to suffer in silence. Be one of those who do dare and be happy again.
  • Strictly follow the comprehensive treatment. In a few weeks you will start to see results.
hymenoplasty in Delhi

Hymenoplasty: Doing Hymen Reconstruction

Hymenoplasty in Delhi, a type of surgery that is also classified as female intimate surgery or cosmetic surgery, is a surgical procedure belonging to the specialty of plastic surgery and gynecological surgery that lasts between 45 and 60 minutes and consists of restoring the hymen, a fleshy membrane of ring shape located at the entrance of the vagina whose physiological function is not clear and whose social value in some cultures lies in guaranteeing female virginity.

When the hymen is torn after sexual contact, the membrane breaks in the form of a “star” and the woman bleeds from the rupture of the hymen, therefore in hymenoplasty the hymen is reconstructed by plastic surgeon in Delhi through different processes and a small hole is left for the exit of menstruation and other fluids. The stitches reabsorb on their own.

Techniques for performing a hymenoplasty in Delhi

The simplest is the one in which the remains that may remain of the hymen are simply joined by applying local anaesthesia. It can only be done in some cases where the break is small.

You can also use a tearable biological material that is implanted at the entrance of the vagina in a way that mimics the “virginal” hymen, a technique similar to creating a membrane with a blood supply.

Vaginoplasty in Delhi can be performed, in which an incision is made on both sides of the mucosa that lines the vaginal walls and joins each other. Unlike the other two techniques, in this case, you must wait a while before having sexual intercourse since you have to give time for recovery and healing. A rest of at least 24 hours after surgery is recommended by best plastic surgeon in Delhi.

The risks of undergoing a hymenoplasty in Delhi are:

  • Pain
  • Inflammation
  • Infection in the treated area
  • Hemorrhage
  • Bladder or rectal damage (rare complication)

After surgery, the hymen will behave in the same way as before the first sexual intercourse, and the woman will even feel pain and bleed again as in “her first time”.

Influence of culture in the reconstruction of the hymen

It is a highly requested surgical practice for women whose culture places great importance on a woman’s virginity and in which the so-called Virginity Test is practiced, a procedure that determines if a woman is a virgin. The test consists of an inspection of the hymen, assuming that it can only be broken as a result of sexual intercourse.

It emerged as a solution for those women who, without being virgins, wanted to appear on their wedding night. The most consecrated reasons for this are the rejection of one’s own family and/or the husband’s family, as well as the rejection of one’s future spouse.

The reconstruction of the hymen or hymenoplasty can, therefore, be an option for women who, due to social or family pressure, must arrive virgins at marriage, says the best plastic surgeon in Delhi.

It is necessary to know that there may be several reasons other than having had intercourse for which the woman may not have a hymen or not bleed during the first intercourse, such as:

  • One in a thousand women are born without a hymen.
  • Up to 44% of women do not experience blood loss during first intercourse, which means that in some cultures where bleeding is tested, it would not occur.
  • The hymen can be broken by the introduction of a finger or a tampon into the vagina.
  • Practice exercises such as horse riding, swimming, cycling, or gymnastics.
  • Excessive menstrual flow.


Plastic surgeries can increase self-esteem and improve patients’ quality of life. However, just the procedure itself is not enough for the desired result to be achieved. For this reason, the first step in ensuring successful plastic surgery is to consider the preoperative care that must be taken.

The success of plastic surgery depends on preoperative care 

In general, to ensure that plastic surgery in Delhi is successful, it is recommended to evaluate, for example:

  • The professional’s experience of Plastic Surgery;
  • Whether the patient is a good candidate for surgery;
  • The patient’s responsibilities to ensure the quality and success of the surgery;
  • Where and how the procedure will be performed;
  • Which surgical technique is the most suitable for the case;
  • What is the recovery time and what care and assistance the patient will need;
  • What are the possible risks and complications associated with the procedure and how to deal with them.

Each type of plastic surgery may require specific care. But, despite this, the items mentioned above are enough to guarantee the patient’s safety during the procedure and the quality of the results after the surgery.

Interested in performing some type of plastic surgery in Noida? In this article you will learn more about preoperative care and how to ensure your safety before, during and after the procedure.

Safety and comfort for patients

Plastic surgery is a procedure that directly interferes in the lives of patients. In addition to modifying the individual’s external appearance, the operation can modify the patient’s routine and behaviour.

For this reason, knowing the aspects involved in carrying out the procedure is essential. Thus, in this context, it is important that some concerns are considered.

Do you want to know what are the main preoperative care that encompasses plastic surgery? So, keep reading!

1. Choose qualified professionals

The choice of professional is one of the first and main preoperative care. This is because the qualification and experience of the surgeon in charge can guarantee:

  • The quality of results after surgery;
  • Patient safety during the operation;
  • The prevention of possible complications after the procedure.

It is necessary to consider whether the professional is experienced in the plastic surgery segment and consult the quality of the work performed by him.

It is then recommended that the patient make an initial appointment with the plastic surgeon in Noida. The moment of the first consultation is where the patient and the professional talk about complaints and expectations, about the indicated procedures and about everything that involves the surgery.

2. Go through a pre-professional assessment

Patient assessment is one of the essential preoperative care to avoid risks and complications caused by the procedure. In addition, it is worth mentioning that this evaluation is not carried out in just one consultation.

During this stage, the plastic surgeon in Noida is expected to request a series of complementary exams. Therefore, the results obtained will be used to analyse, at first, the patient’s previous health.

Then, the doctor responsible for performing the surgery will also be able to determine whether or not the patient is fit to undergo the procedure, considering the results of the tests.

In addition, the results obtained with the patient’s evaluation can help the professional in choosing the most appropriate procedure for each case.

3. Know the patient’s main responsibilities

It is very common for patients to believe that a successful surgery depends solely and exclusively on the chosen professional and the type of procedure performed. But that’s not true. The patient’s posture is also critical to the success of the operation.

In summary, it is up to the patient to follow all the preoperative care indicated by the plastic surgeon in Noida, understand that their own safety must be the priority and strictly follow all pre and postoperative guidelines.

These are basic actions for the procedure to be performed without any serious complications.

4. Ask about the chosen technique and the place where the procedure will be performed

Choosing the place where the surgery will be performed is as important as the choice of professional. That is, the clinic or hospital must offer patients a complete infrastructure to deal with any type of complication resulting from the procedure.

In addition, it is important for the patient to check if the place has authorization to operate. For this to be possible, a good alternative is to know the indicated clinic or hospital in advance. Researching the reputation of the place and the opinion of other patients is also valid.

5. Find out about the technique indicated for your case

Nowadays, patients interested in plastic surgery in East Delhi can find several options for aesthetic and restorative procedures. The choice of the most appropriate surgery will depend on the patient’s complaint and the evaluation performed by the specialized doctor.

Among women, one of the most popular plastic surgeries is Mammoplasty. Mammoplasty is a type of surgery that promotes the increase or decrease of the breasts, according to the need.

Another procedure much sought after by patients in specialized offices is rhinoplasty. The surgery promotes the correction of the shape or the reduction of the size of the nose.

Fat located in the abdomen region is also one of the main reasons for plastic surgery in East Delhi. In the case of fat located in the belly, for example, the indicated procedures are abdominoplastyliposuction or liposculpture.

6. Understand the recovery process and post-operative care

Regarding patient recovery and postoperative care, it is possible to say that plastic surgery does not end when the patient leaves the operating room.

Depending on the type of procedure, rest will be required. In some cases, it is necessary to change dressings and a more rigorous follow-up with the professional who performed the procedure.

That way, talk to the doctor before and after the procedure, follow all recommendations and, if in doubt, seek help immediately.

7. Assess possible risks and complications

In short, like any surgical procedure, plastic surgeries can pose some risks and generate certain complications for patients. For this reason, it is necessary to remember the importance that the choice of location and the professional responsible for the procedure plays for patient safety.

In principle, to avoid risks and post-surgical complications, it is important to carry out a complete evaluation of the patient’s entire health history, as mentioned above.

scar revision surgery

Scar revision surgery: procedure improves appearance of marks


What is scar revision surgery?

Scar revision surgery is the type of plastic surgery that attempts to improve the appearance of a scar. In general, however, is it incorrect to call it a fix? Because it is not possible to guarantee results since it depends on the patient’s biological factors.

Who is the professional able to perform scar revision surgery?

This surgery must be performed by a trained plastic surgeon in Noida.

Indications for scar revision surgery

Scar revision surgery is indicated for:

Enlarged scars or those with an undesirable appearance

Hypertrophic scar, i.e. raised, rosacea, limited to wound edges, with itching and pain, which eventually stops growing and regresses with time, may regress with compression and massage

Keloid scar, i.e. raised, violet, invades surrounding tissues, usually has itching, pain and burning, does not regress, continues to grow, does not improve with massage and compression, regardless of the surgical technique, may recur.

Contraindications for Scar Revision Surgery

Patients with poor healing, active infection in the scar area, chronic use of corticosteroids, and connective tissue diseases are contraindicated for scar revision surgery in Delhi.

How scar revision surgery is performed

Surgical removal of the scar is done through incisions along the entire length of the scar. Depending on the case, the incision is made approximately one millimeter inside the scar and in other situations approximately one millimeter outside the scar.

After making the incisions, the best plastic surgeon in Noida removes the entire scar using a scalpel or delicate scissors. Scar removal is not usually done in depth beyond the fatty tissue of the skin, as all fibrosis and scar tissue itself are usually removed.

Internal absorbable stitches are performed, and the external part can be done with intra-dermal stitches (which are completely hidden inside the incision) or simple stitches. You can also choose to close the incision using a biological tape with glue, which seals the incision completely. This allows the patient to bathe and wet the operated area on the same day. Scar revision in Delhi can be done under general anesthesia or local anesthesia and sedation.

Before surgical removal, however, there are treatment alternatives, such as:

– Local compression: in which special meshes are used for long periods or silicone plates
– Local injection of steroids into the scar
– Superficial radiotherapy
– Surgery followed by beta therapy
– Specific creams and ointments prescribed by the plastic surgeon in Vaishali.

Duration of Surgery

The duration of scar revision surgery in Delhi depends on the size of the scar. Small scars of up to four centimeters take approximately 30 minutes, while scars of between four and 15 centimeters can take up to an hour.

Preoperative scar revision surgery

No preparation is necessary for scar revision surgery, it can even be done without fasting, if general anesthesia is not used.

Postoperative period after scar revision surgery

The scar takes at least a year to mature. Throughout the recovery, you should follow up with your plastic surgeon in East Delhi to monitor and guide post-operative care. In addition, even after surgery, it may be necessary to use ointments, creams or even local compression, according to the guidance of plastic surgeon in Delhi.

Possible Complications of Scar Revision Surgery

In scar revision surgery, infection, opening of stitches and bleeding may occur, but these are rarer complications.

Before and after scar revision surgery

The final result appears after a year, but after two to three months a great improvement can be observed. For many months the scar is reddened, and this is normal. However, it is possible to expect an improvement in the appearance of the scar, but it will not always be completely removed.


physiotherapy for back pain

Physiotherapy for back pain and low back pain


Does your back hurt and does that pain affect you in your day-to-day life? You probably think that the time has come to visit a physical therapy professional. In this article we are going to tell you about the benefits of physiotherapy to relieve back pain.

Pain in the lower back can be associated with various causes, from age and diet to aspects related to lifestyle, such as a sedentary lifestyle.

However, most back pain is caused by poor posture habits, but it can also be due to sudden changes in temperature or insufficient hydration. More rarely, behind low back pain there may be a more severe pathology that requires immediate attention, such as vertebral prolapse, herniated discs or fractures. That said, in most cases its origin is unknown (idiopathic).

Back pain is one of the most frequent musculoskeletal pathologies and is the first chronic health problem in India. In fact, it is the one that causes a greater number of primary care consultations within disorders of the musculoskeletal system. It is estimated that between 60% and 80% of the population will suffer from low back pain at some point in their lives.


Back pain can be localized in one area, spread throughout the lower back or radiate down the leg, and in terms of intensity, it can be deep, superficial or resemble a burning, cramp or prick.

Pelvic pain, on the other hand, generates high degrees of disability, usually related to gait disturbances and the transition from sitting to standing.

Some of the most common symptoms of back pain and low back pain are:

  • Severe back pain, especially when bending over.
  • Morning stiffness in the lower back after sitting.
  • Sensation of pins or needles in the buttocks, legs or feet.
  • Pain radiating down the back or front of the leg.

Other more infrequent symptoms, such as back pain accompanied by unexplained weight loss and fever or difficulty controlling the bladder or bowels or numbness in any area, require an urgent visit to the urologist in Delhi.


If your back pain is giving you a lot of trouble or isn’t getting better after a few weeks, you should see a physiotherapist in Dwarka.

Physiotherapy in Dwarka can be very useful in the following cases of back pain:

  • Nonspecific back pain, such as an injury, infection, or herniated disc.
  • Sciatic pain: it is a pain that extends from the back to the legs and can even reach the foot.
  • Back pain caused by the wear of the vertebral discs, very common as we age.
  • Lumbar spinal stenosis – when spaces in the spine narrow and put pressure on the spinal cord and spinal nerve roots.


  • Reduces pain, improving quality of life.
  • It helps to improve the mobility of the back, so that the patient can resume their daily routine normally and minimizing discomfort.
  • It effectively contributes to strengthening the back muscles, toning and reducing the risk of having painful episodes again.
  • It favors the stability and function of the spine, reduces the risk of injury to the intervertebral disc and improves mobility, avoiding poor posture that can cause chronic back pain.
  • Increases the vascularization of the area, favoring the de-inflammation of the region and a better recovery.


Immobilization and absolute rest as a method of dealing with back pain is an obsolete concept. The effectiveness of individualized exercises and training guidelines for each patient based on factors such as their muscular condition, the characteristics of their spine or the condition they suffer from has been demonstrated.

To find out the possible origin of the pain, the physiotherapist in Dwarka will perform a physical examination. Once you know the origin of the pain and the underlying pathology, you will determine the type of physiotherapy treatment to follow.

Physiotherapy for back pain offers a response adapted to each patient. Depending on the causes, the best physiotherapist in Dwarka specialized in traumatology will provide a treatment that combines different therapies in each session.

Some of the most used techniques are:

  • Active therapy (rehabilitation). They are exercises and movements that you do yourself to improve flexibility, mobility and strength in the lower back. It includes proprioception exercises and muscle strengthening for lasting relief from discomfort.
  • Manual therapy (mobilizations, massage therapy, manipulations). It is intended to reduce pain and improve joint mobility. Typically, manual therapy is combined with an exercise program.
  • Osteopathic Manual Therapy. Massages and spinal manipulations are useful to mitigate pain and possible associated symptoms.
  • Invasive therapy (dry needling, percutaneous electrolysis). Only when back pain is caused by high-grade muscle contractures.
  • Means or physical agents (electrotherapy, ultrasound, short wave, bandages), which can help in certain pathologies.
  • Diathermy. The application of heat to damaged tissues improves the vascularization of the area and speeds up recovery from injuries. Generally, this therapy is combined with others to create a more effective overall treatment.

As we have seen, through physiotherapy we can treat different back injuries, both at the lumbar, dorsal and cervical levels. Depending on your diagnosis, physiotherapist in Najafgarh will apply the physiotherapy treatment that best suits you to achieve a better recovery and avoid relapses.

If you suffer from back pain and seek relief from your symptoms through physiotherapy, at Dr Sarwar Physiotherapy Centre, we are the best physiotherapy clinic in Dwarka, with more than 10 years of experience. You can visit us or ask us your questions.


sexual dysfunction



What is a sexual dysfunction? Sexual Dysfunction is considered to exist when one of the stages of sexual activity is hindering or preventing the maintenance of satisfactory sexual relations. These stages are: desire, arousal, orgasm and resolution.

Types of sexual dysfunction

Some of the most frequent Sexual Dysfunctions are erectile dysfunctionpremature ejaculation, delayed ejaculation, orgasmic disorder, dyspaurenia and vaginismus.

Causes of sexual dysfunction

The origin and maintenance of these dysfunctions can be physical or psychological. That is why it is essential to carry out the evaluation of the same, taking into account both areas.

But why does this usually affect the signs of affection in the couple?

When difficulties appear during sexual intercourse, multiple worries and automatic thoughts are triggered in both members of the couple. An example of this would be the fear of failure, frustration, discomfort or discontent of the other member of the couple by the person suffering from the disorder. Regarding the couple involved, the fear of being part of the problem usually appears, not being sufficiently desired, as well as feelings of frustration, impotence and tiredness in the face of the situation.

In most cases, the sexual relationship is experienced, more and more, as a stressful situation instead of something pleasant, which ends up causing an avoidance of said situation since it is associated with negative emotions.

In this way, the affected person begins to suffer from anticipatory anxiety regarding relationships. In addition, it is common that sexual desire is also diminished as the entire sexual sphere is related to an aversive situation.

Effects on the couple

It is at this point that the sexual problem begins to influence the displays of affection and affection, physically distancing oneself from the partner even with regard to kisses, hugs, caresses and other gestures, and even words, that are not directly sexual.

This occurs because the fear appears that the other member interprets it as an invitation to something else… something that could lead to a sexual relationship (which at this point is usually scarce). Therefore, as the sexual difficulty becomes chronic, most affective approaches are also renounced.

Therapy for sexual dysfunction

It will be of special importance in therapy to recover all the important areas in the relationship that may have been affected; daily life, leisure, affection and sexuality. For which communication and support between the two will play a fundamental role along with the consultation to the best sexologist in Delhi.


rhinoplasty in Delhi

Rhinoplasty: What is the ideal size and shape of the nose?

Considered the most complex of plastic surgeries, rhinoplasty in Delhi is one of the most sought after in the world.

The surgery can be performed to correct functional problems (hypertrophy of the turbinates, valve insufficiencies and deviated septum) and aesthetics, explains the plastic surgeon in East Delhi.

Many people think that the mouth and eyes are the points that stand out the most on the face, but they don’t know that the nose is the factor that gives more balance to the region.

Therefore, a face with a well-designed nose will always be considered elegant and harmonious.

Actresses and celebrities are often pointed out as a reference by many patients who wish to undergo rhinoplasty in Delhi.

However, these standards cannot be established for all people, as individuals have different face shapes from each other, says the plastic surgeon in Noida.

To define the ideal shape of the nose, a number of factors are evaluated:

  • Skin type;
  • Characteristics of ethnicity;
  • Face proportions;
  • Current anatomy of the nose;
  • Respiratory ways;

Skin type is one of the most determining factors when deciding on a new nose shape. A thinner skin, for example, in addition to having a greater capacity for retraction, favours surgeries that require great reduction.

Thicker skins, on the other hand, do not allow a drastic reduction, as they have strengthened cartilage and less contraction capacity.

It is worth mentioning that the patient’s wishes are taken into account when deciding on the new format. The specialist plastic surgeon in Noida carefully evaluates the details of the patient’s face and uses some guides to define the ideal shape of the nose, in addition to its aesthetic sense.

Well – performed rhinoplasty plastic surgery is one in which the most frequent observers, such as family and friends, notice a change, but cannot identify exactly what the transformation is.

The influence of age on rhinoplasty in Delhi

Both men and women, over time, have a natural droop of the nasal tip. This characteristic is a consequence of aging, but it can start to happen even before the age of 35.

Therefore, some people choose to perform nose surgery in this period of life.

The structural fall of the nose will depend on a set of elements, such as genetics, age, bones, cartilage, muscles and skin.

Another characteristic that has changed over the years is the size of the nose. This happens due to the sagging of the skin and also the lack of rigidity of the cartilage.

The ends of several bone structures are formed by cartilaginous regions, which continue to grow and, therefore, the nose increases over time, explains the plastic surgeon in Vaishali.

When opting for a rhinoplasty in Delhi, the patient should know that the final result of the surgery can take up to three years. However, the operation can help improve not only your appearance but also your breathing.

Look for a specialist plastic surgeon in Vaishali you trust and ask all your questions before undergoing the operation. Alignment on outcome expectations is extremely important for both the patient and the plastic surgeon.

breast reduction

Differences between mammoplasty and mastopexy


What is the difference between mammoplasty and mastopexy?

The term mammoplasty refers to a surgical intervention on the breasts or breasts of women and can be of several types: augmentation mammoplasty which is the technical name for breast augmentation, elevation mammoplasty or mastopexy and reduction mammoplasty commonly called breast reduction, explains the best plastic surgeon in Noida.

Many women come to plastic surgeon in Noida determined to undergo breast augmentation, when what they really need is a lift.

When performing any type of breast surgery, it is very important to have a good diagnosis.

If you are thinking about breast augmentation in East Delhi or lift surgery, you must know the differences between augmentation and lift mammoplasty.

These 2 techniques provide us with a solution to almost all the alterations that a woman’s breasts may present.

How to know what type of surgery is best suited to the objectives of each patient?

Would you like to know if you need to increase or raise your breasts?

Both mammoplasty and mastopexy can be complementary in some specific cases.

However, its procedure and the objective to be achieved are totally different.

Of course, the result in both cases is doubly satisfactory:

It is possible to improve aesthetics and self-esteem but, above all, the quality of life of the patient.

Mammoplasty: breast enlargement

Breast augmentation in East Delhi, whose technical name is augmentation mammoplasty, is undoubtedly the most demanded surgery. It is a surgical intervention designed to increase the volume of the breasts, and in cases where it is required, also to modify the shape, explains the plastic surgeon in Vaishali.

Types of Mammoplasty

When it comes to increasing the size of the breasts, the advancement of cosmetic surgery allows us today to resort to different techniques, all of them with 100% effective, aesthetic and safe results.

  • Breast implants: Mammoplasty by means of a prosthesis is the most demanded surgery in Spain. As we said, it is designed for those patients who are not happy with the volume of their breasts and want to show off a prettier neckline that makes them feel better. In addition, there are different types of breast implants depending on the material (silicone or cohesive gel), and the shape (round or anatomical).
  • Breast lipofilling: This is an ideal technique for those patients who want to increase the volume of their breasts without resorting to implants. This fat transfer or lipofilling of the patient herself achieves a moderate breast augmentation, as long as the patient has enough fat in other parts of the body.

What is the best method to achieve the increase, prosthesis, own fat or a combination of both?

In all cases,

The answer to this question will be discussed with you by the best plastic surgeon in Vaishali after carrying out an exploration and personalized assessment in the consultation.

Mastopexy: breast lift surgery in East Delhi

We call mastopexy in East Delhi to the surgical intervention whose purpose is the lifting or elevation of the breasts.

Thanks to this technique, it is possible to lift extremely sagging breasts, making them much firmer and more toned.

Far from what we may think, breast sagging is a very frequent reason for visiting the plastic surgeon in East Delhi.

And it is that it is a natural process that some women go through, for example, after pregnancy or a period of lactation. But there are other causes:

Causes of chest sagging

  • Pregnancy and lactation.
  • Sudden weight loss, as well as repeated weight gains and losses (yo-yo effect) as a result of diets.
  • Congenital defect of chest support.
  • Practice of some sports.
  • Tobacco, taking some medications.
  • Congenital diseases or other less common pathologies.

In all these cases, the objective of the intervention is not so much to increase the volume, but to recover the firmness and initial position of the breasts.

To do this, excess skin is removed, and the position of the areola-nipple complex is modified to achieve firmer and higher breasts.

The incisions and therefore the scars of these 2 augmentations and lifting mammoplasties are completely different, explains the plastic surgeon in Delhi.

Both in the case of mastopexy and postoperative breast augmentation and recovery are very similar.