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A Beginner’s Guide To Food Photography And Editing

A Beginner’s Guide To Food Photography And Editing

Without food, survival is impossible. And thanks to the digital age, photography and food have been beautifully intertwined to create an entire industry based on human survival. This industry is called food photography.

Even though it appears simple, food photography requires a fair bit of knowledge and expertise on the subject. But what can you do if you’re just a beginner? Not to worry! We have compiled this extensive article which covers all the aspects of food photography and editing. Not only will you learn to capture great food images, but you will also learn to edit them too. Let’s begin!

Essential tips for Food Photography

The pointers below are crucial food photography tips. These tips are helpful too for photography in general but are a must-do for food photography.

Advance Camera Settings

First and foremost is your camera. No matter how deliciously cooked and elegantly designed your food is, if your camera settings aren’t utilized to their maximum capability, the end result will be a bland photograph.

A Beginner's Guide To Food Photography And Editing

Below are the settings which all photography professionals utilize –

  • Aperture: For food photography, using a medium to the wide aperture is suitable. This blurs out slight details of the background that may not be entirely necessary. However, this also depends on the style of shot you will take. If you do want background details to be completely visible, using a narrower aperture would be better.
  • Shutter Speed: Using a low shutter speed is better, as higher shutter speeds may lead to overexposed photos. Too low of a shutter speed can reduce photo detail. Just ensure that it is low enough to capture all of the details in the photo without making it blurry and overly bright. Using a tripod helps in eliminating blur.
  • ISO: As a rule of thumb, the lowest ISO setting is always better for all kinds of photography, food photography included. It’s unlikely that your food will not be properly illuminated, but even if it is, raise the ISO slightly.
  • Camera Mode: Out of all the modes, professionals tend to use Manual Mode the most and adjust all settings until they get the desired result. Manual Mode is great for improving your understanding of your camera too. However, if you’re in a rush, using Auto Mode will be a better choice.
  • Metering Mode: There are different metering modes, all of which will give you different results. It’s best to experiment with all and find out the correct mode for your frame. However, always use metering mode. The photo will almost never be better with metering mode turned off.
  • Flash Compensation: If you’re using a pop-up or mounted flash with your camera, it’s important that you adjust it to compensate for lack of lighting, not illuminate an existing lighting further. Thus, keep your flash at a level where it doesn’t overbear the ambient lighting.
  • Focus Mode: AF-S/One-shot AF should be the only focus choice, as your food photos will essentially be still images.
  • Focus Area: Once again, Single-point area mode or Auto area mode as you will be mainly capturing still images.
  • White Balance: Automatic White Balance unless you have a specific effect in mind.
  • File Format: Select Raw File format.
  • Drive Mode: Use Single shooting mode, as you will be capturing stationary objects.
  • Long exposure noise reduction: Keep this setting off, not needed for food photography purposes
  • High ISO noise reduction: Keep this setting off too, unless you are forced to use high ISO.
  • Color Space: sRGB or Adobe RGB; choosing either is fine.
  • Image stabilization: Keep it on when shooting handheld and off when shooting from a tripod. We prefer that you always try to use a tripod.
  • HDR/DRO: In some cameras, the HDR (High Dynamic Range) setting actually makes the image quality worse by artificially trying to enhance the dynamic range of the photo. This is a setting that will have varying results from camera to camera, hence do experiment with this before choosing whether to keep on or off.

Choosing the right background

A Beginner's Guide To Food Photography And Editing

An interesting fact of food photography is that there are a lot of choices for background styles. You can use a wooden table as the background. You could also use blurred outdoor scenery as the background.

You can even use solid food photography backdrops like white or black colored paper. The background entirely depends on the style of photo you’ll be taking and your exact purpose for it. Do you want the viewer to relate the food with coziness? Use a homely setting as the background. Or would you like to generate a restaurant-y feeling? Use a restaurant as your background.

Using neutral backgrounds like tables or solid colors are always safe. However, not all backgrounds will suit all sorts of food. That’s why, give your background some thought and experimentation to find out what suits best with your food.

Perfect use of dishware

A Beginner's Guide To Food Photography And Editing

Dishes and crockeries can either make or break a food’s image. It’s that important.

Just like the background, the dishware you will use in your image helps to capture the ‘vibe’ of your food. For example, if you’re capturing an image of a traditional Southeast Asian dish, using antiquated dishware may be a good choice.

Although, more often than not, it’s better to use simple dishware that doesn’t grab too much attention. Once again, unless you have a specific persona in mind that you would like the food to carry, use minimalistic dishware and crockeries.

o pay note to the color of the dishware. Most photographers use white, but you can experiment with different colors. It depends mainly on the color of your food, your background and your lighting. Everything should complement one another, so choose whilst considering all other factors.

Create a story with props

Elements that aren’t necessarily part of the food can be used to enhance the image. It helps to ‘tell a story’ to the viewer, in the quickest way possible.

A Beginner's Guide To Food Photography And Editing

If you are capturing a photo of a raspberry pie, you could randomly place some raspberries around a slice of the pie and capture an image of that frame. In this photo, the raspberries aren’t an actual part of the dish but are one of the ingredients. Even though the viewer will be aware of that, it puts an appealing twist on the photo.

You can even use non-food props like fabrics and place your food on it. The fabric or cloth can also be folded and kept beside the dish. This helps to create a homely feel and presents your story in that manner.

Using accented props like a wooden or marble desk is often a good idea. One trick all photographers use is to carry panels or wallpapers of these materials. Artificial panels of wood, marble, granite or several materials can be readily found. After all, it’s called a prop for a reason!

Complementary crafting and styling

Similar to what we discussed in the dishware section, you can use accented dishware too. You can also use extra dishes and crockeries as props. Some photographers use half-slices of the main food in separate dishes to create a narrative that this food is a family or group favorite.

A Beginner's Guide To Food Photography And Editing

Some photographers use plants and flowers. Flowers are often a great idea as there are so many colors of flowers available to complement your food. You may not even need an entire flower, but only some of its petals sprinkled outside the plate.

As you can see, there is quite literally no limit to the type of food photography props. That’s why let your imagination go wild. There is no rule to using props, just as long as it highlights the food and not the prop itself.

Use various angles

The freedom one has with food photography that may not be present with other forms of commercial photography like product photography is that you can be creative with your angles. Even top-tier restaurants don’t use straightforward angles of their food all the time.

A Beginner's Guide To Food Photography And Editing

Why so? Well, with food, it’s not about the details that the viewer will be able to see. It’s about how the photo will make the viewer feel, with the food in focus of course.

Certain angles can make the viewer feel young and nostalgic. Certain angles can make the viewer feel poised and elegant. Technically speaking, you should experiment from the entire range of angles that your space allows – 0 to 360 degrees. Sometimes keeping the food on the side of the frame helps to create a compositional image, which makes both the food and the photo more appealing.

Whichever angle you use, always ensure that the food is in focus. Blurring out the food will help you sell neither the food nor the image. It may look artistic but will not add any value to the food itself.

How to Edit Food photos

A Beginner's Guide To Food Photography And Editing

Now that you’ve learnt all the methods to utilize for food photography, we can move on to photography post-production. Editing may sound cumbersome, but it can be a fun process if you already know how to do it. The following pointers will help you learn exactly that.

Balance light and shadows

lot of photographers avoid shadows. They just don’t want to take the risk of making the photo look unprofessional. But that approach often results in overly lit or overexposed images.

Shadows can serve as a great dynamic to your food images, only if you know how to edit them properly. First, you must ensure that your food photography lighting setup has a good balance before capturing it. That will make the editing process much easier.

After loading your images into a photo editing software, you will encounter settings like exposure, highlights and shadows. Adjust these settings to further perfectionate your light-shadow balance. For detailed editing, you can use spot editing available in professional editing software to adjust the light and shadows of particular areas instead of the entire image.

Adjust color

Color consistency is very important in all fields of commercial photography. You need your viewer to perceive the food as it is in real life whilst also being attracted towards it.

Remember, even if you have the best camera for food photography, mild changes in color consistency is natural. That’s why editing can combat that. These are the useful color settings which you can utilize to adjust color –

  • Vibrance – It is one of the most useful tools to adjust color in your photograph. There may be certain colors of the food or the photo that need more attention. Perhaps the color of the patty or the sauce is too dull. Increasing the vibrance increases the intensity of these muted colors without affecting the already bright colors. Conversely, if you want to dampen the muted colors even more, you can also decrease the vibrance.
  • Saturation – Saturation does exactly what vibration does, but with all the colors. It does not consider which is muted or which is highlighted, it simply increases the intensity of the entire color spectrum of your image. You can either increase the saturation or decrease it depending on what you’re looking for. Neither oversaturated nor desaturated images look good, so adjust these settings only to bring a good balance to your food photograph.
  • Luminance – It’s an unpopular color setting, only because very few know what it means. Increasing the Luminance increases the amount of light all the colors in your photo received. This is not the same as adjusting the exposure of brightness – these settings adjust the light for the entire image. Luminance adjusts the light for only the colored portions, i.e. leaving white portions alone. This setting can be very useful if you don’t want to bump your colors without bumping the brightness.

Crop and sharpen

The final stage of the photo editing process would be to crop! You should crop your image depending on the format you need it. Will you be uploading to social media sites? Crop according to their specifications. Will you be sending it to any e-commerce sites? Ask your clients about their sizing requirements.

Where to Outsource Food Photography Editing

Editing images in bulk can be extremely time consuming. Whether you’re an individual food photographer or a business, your editing process needs to be done very quickly and efficiently. That’s why it’s best to outsource your work to a photo editing Studio.

Outsourcing photo editing work won’t only make your work faster but also help you focus on other aspects of growing your food photography business. You can focus more on growing you or your firm rather than just constantly editing.


We hope this guide containing all the tips for food photography has helped you. Remember, you can achieve all your goals if you just put your mind into it!

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3 Minute Thighs | POP Pilates Song Challenge

3 Minute Thighs | POP Pilates Song Challenge

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कम तेल में कम चीज़ो से कच्चे आलू का नया Tasty नाश्ता जिसे सब पेट भर भरके खाएं Aloo Nashta |Breakfast

कम तेल में कम चीज़ो से कच्चे आलू का नया Tasty नाश्ता जिसे सब पेट भर भरके खाएं Aloo Nashta |Breakfast

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The World in 2050: Future Technology

The World in 2050: Future Technology

The World in 2050 Future Technology

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From things in the air, to new things for our bodies, join me as we explore 2050: What Would Be The Future Technology?
We are in the year 2020, and if we’re being honest with ourselves, technology is incredible advanced, and we’re making strides that can push things even farther. We have cars that are much safer than they’ve been in the past decade, and we’re even making fully electric cars that can help save the planet. There are even plans for self-driving cars and even self-driving Ubers that make the future of transportation very exciting. And that’s just ONE technology that we’re growing at a fast rate. What about all the others that are out there? What will technology be like as we get closer and closer to 2050?
Let’s start with one that well and truly could happen very soon, drones. ”
Let’s keep going with transportation, shall we? Right now, one of the biggest ways to get around the countries we live in are trains. Trains ferry people and all sorts of cargo around in an efficient and reliable manner, which is why they’ve been in use for hundreds of years. But…if we’re being honest here, while trains are efficient and reliable in certain ways…they aren’t exactly fast. Especially when it comes to passenger and freight trains. They can take a LONG time to get to their destinations and at times it’s more logical to take other modes of transportation.
Which is why companies are making special kinds of trains that can go MUCH faster. You know of the magnetic trains of Japan no doubt, but others like the V. Hyperloop are trying to push things even farther.
“Passengers or cargo are loaded into the hyperloop vehicle and accelerate gradually via electric propulsion through a low-pressure tube. The vehicle floats above the track using magnetic levitation and glides at airline speeds for long distances due to ultra-low aerodynamic drag.”
Science-fiction? Hardly, in fact, the first vehicle of the Hyperloop has already been tested and proven, and some larger tests are being scheduled for the next few years. And if this works, traveling across the country will be MUCH faster. How much faster? The hyperloop aims to send people shooting across the tubes that they make at a rate of about 600 miles per hour.

Ok, we’ve had some fun ones, but now let’s go deeper down the rabbit hole and talk about the ones we all fear…A.I. Yep, artificial intelligence, and no matter what way you look at it, people are seriously trying to make it happen, and make it happen soon. AI’s are literally everywhere, including in your cars, and in your homes via devices like Alexa (which are indeed forms of AI), and there are things like Watson that is so smart that it could beat two Jeopardy Legends.

Mars seems to be the place where many feel we can go in order to live amongst the stars. And many speculate that by 2030 at the latest (barring setbacks, accidents, and other things obviously) we could not only be colonizing Mars, but having regular shuttles go there so that people can see the red planet for themselves.
“We will see first people going off to mars, and then robots will do some basic stuff like making basic materials [on Mars,]” Pearson said. “We’re going to have to do that because only so much can be brought to space.”
Of course, there are numerous things that need to be worked out before such a thing could happen, but we have “Top Men” on this, including Elon Musk and the Space X program, Jeff Bezos via his Blue Origin company and more.
Alright, now let’s dive into something REALLY sci-fi…prosthetics. Yeah, I know that RIGHT NOW prosthetics are very limited, and at times…a bit pointless. But IF we were able to fully utilize computer technology to its fullest and make prosthetics that are fully compatible with the human brain and body, then the sky is the limit. We could enter an age where cyborgs are not just welcome, they’re commonplace.

Think about it like this, what if the clothes you were wearing right now felt the same, looked the same, but could do more? With the growth of nanotechnology, your clothes could potentially be imbued with various materials or technologies that help you improve your strength, durability, and more.
virtual reality simulations come through as many expect them to, it could lead to all sorts of innovations in the classrooms that could help kids what’s going on.

The World in 2050 Future Technology


Yin Yoga For Lower Body | Unique Yoga Postures To Release Lower Back Pain & Body Stiffness

Yin Yoga For Lower Body | Unique Yoga Postures To Release Lower Back Pain & Body Stiffness

This yin yoga class focuses on the lower body with unique yoga stretches that will release lower back pain, hip and leg stiffness, and any other muscle soreness and discomfort.
These types of Boho Beautiful yoga practices are also a gentle and easy way to reconnect to your breath and find a moment to still the mind.

Remember to breathe and listen to your body. Allow this home yin yoga class to give you the opportunity to let go of all that no longer serves your mind and body.

Roll out that mat and enjoy! XO

Vancouver Island, Canada

Yoga Instructor: Juliana Spicoluk
Video Production: Mark Spicoluk

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Yoga asanas for neck and back pain

Yoga asanas for neck and back pain

If you have been suffering from neck and back pain, Swami Ramdev shows hwo to get rid of it through yoga poses.

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Anda Bhurji Toast Recipe | Chef Sanjyot Keer | Your Food Lab

Anda Bhurji Toast Recipe | Chef Sanjyot Keer | Your Food Lab

Written recipe for Anda bhurji toast

Prep time: 10 mins
Cooking time: 20 mins
Serves: 6

For making bhurji
• Eggs 4 nos.
• Oil 1 tbsp
• Jeera 1 tsp
• Onions 2 medium size (chopped)
• Green chillies 2-3 nos. (chopped)
• Tomatoes 2 medium size (chopped)
• Salt to taste
• Turmeric powder ½ tsp
• Coriander powder 1 tbsp
• Red chilli powder 2 tsp
• Garam masala powder 1 tsp
• Fresh coriander 2 tbsp (chopped)
• Break eggs in a bowl and whisk well.
• Set a pan on medium heat, add oil, jeera and sauté for a minute, add onions and green chillies and cook until onions are translucent.
• Add tomato, salt, turmeric powder, coriander powder, red chilli powder and garam masala, mix well and cook until tomatoes are lightly mushy.
• Add the whisked eggs and cook while stirring keeping the flame to medium, add freshly chopped coriander leaves and mix well, keep aside for later use.

For mint & curd dip
• Hung curd ½ cup
• Fresh mint leaves 2 tbsp (chopped)
• Salt & Black pepper as per taste
• Mix curd, fresh mint leaves and salt & pepper, keep aside for later use.

Assembly and making of toast
• Pav 6 nos.
• Mint & curd dip as required
• Egg bhurji as required
• Processed cheese (grated)
• Crispy fried onions as required
• Slice the pav in two halves and spread a dash of mint & curd dip over both the slices, top it with a spoonful of freshly made egg bhurji over each slice, and gently press it so the fillings are intact, top it with some grated cheese. And toast them.
• Set a pan on medium heat and add butter, toast these slices until the bottom layer is crisp, cover and cook so the cheese melts quickly, you can also choose to bake them at 200°C for 5-6 minutes.
• Your anda bhurji is ready to be served, serve by topping it with a dash of mint and curd dip and some crispy fried onions. Serve hot.

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Destruction Of Nature & Life By Cyclone Amphan By Sudipta Chatterjee

Destruction Of Nature & Life By Cyclone Amphan By Sudipta Chatterjee

The date May 20, 2020 has been one of the most terrifying dates for the residents of West Bengal, Odisha, and Bangladesh. This was the day when super-cyclone ‘‘Amphan’’ tore through eastern India and left remnants of terror and moaning for a long time since. The powerful cyclone made its landfall into West Bengal through the Bakhhali coast at an extremely high speed of 155-165 km/h at 2:30 p.m.(India time).

The horrifying cyclone buffeted through different regions near the coasts of West Bengal with strong gusty winds and heavy downpour, which caused havoc to nature, lives of people and their property, and the economy of these places alike. The places which were affected the most include the districts of Midnapore, North and South 24 Parganas, Kolkata, Hooghly and Howrah, and most significantly the beautiful Sundarbans of West Bengal.

The Sundarbans have always been a symbol of the beauty of West Bengal and the mesmerizing aesthetic of Nature. However, many things have changed ever since the powerful ‘Amphan’ made this place a part of its devastating trajectory.

The powerful winds and prolonged heavy rain were strong enough to rip the place of its natural life and cause devastating effects on human life. Many lands which were earlier characterized by tall trees, now lie barren. A part of the ‘Aila Bandh’ got destroyed in the cyclone and caused salty sea-water to enter into villages. The mud roads had been destroyed and communication between the villages got disrupted completely. The ponds were already filled with branches and stems of trees and their leaves. Consequently, this caused the degradation of water, damaging aquatic life and killing hundreds of fishes if not thousands.

When I visited the place after the cyclone, the mud-huts were destroyed. At many places, only the walls of these huts stood like skeletons. Sights around me were that of dead fishes and dead birds, and people moaning and crying. Alongside the ponds, seawater washed over the cultivated farming lands as well. After a conversation with the local people, I was informed that fishing and farming, which are the main occupations, would remain suspended for a long time. In one word, the beautiful villages had become ruins overnight.

The first three photographs reflect the beauty of nature in the Sundarbans before the tragic cyclone ‘‘Amphan’’ and the rest of the photographs show the destruction of nature and human life after the cyclone.

Destruction Of Nature & Life By Super cyclone Amphan By Sudipta Chatterjee

Destruction Of Nature & Life By Super cyclone Amphan By Sudipta Chatterjee

Destruction Of Nature & Life By Super cyclone Amphan By Sudipta Chatterjee

Destruction Of Nature & Life By Super cyclone Amphan By Sudipta Chatterjee

Destruction Of Nature & Life By Super cyclone Amphan By Sudipta Chatterjee

Destruction Of Nature & Life By Super cyclone Amphan By Sudipta Chatterjee

Destruction Of Nature & Life By Super cyclone Amphan By Sudipta Chatterjee

Destruction Of Nature & Life By Super cyclone Amphan By Sudipta Chatterjee

Destruction Of Nature & Life By Super cyclone Amphan By Sudipta Chatterjee

Destruction Of Nature & Life By Super cyclone Amphan By Sudipta Chatterjee

Destruction Of Nature & Life By Super cyclone Amphan By Sudipta Chatterjee

Destruction Of Nature & Life By Super cyclone Amphan By Sudipta Chatterjee

Destruction Of Nature & Life By Super cyclone Amphan By Sudipta Chatterjee

Destruction Of Nature & Life By Super cyclone Amphan By Sudipta Chatterjee

Destruction Of Nature & Life By Super cyclone Amphan By Sudipta Chatterjee

Destruction Of Nature & Life By Super cyclone Amphan By Sudipta Chatterjee

Destruction Of Nature & Life By Super cyclone Amphan By Sudipta Chatterjee

Destruction Of Nature & Life By Super cyclone Amphan By Sudipta Chatterjee

About Sudipta Chatterjee

I am Sudipta Chatterjee, a Street, Travel and Documentary photographer involved in photography for past 8 (Eight) years. I was born and raised in West Bengal, India. I am basically interested in street and travel photography with human interest where I get a story of life.

My photographs have been selected and published in different Photo competitions in National (India) & International platforms (Turkey, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Albania, Lithuania, Cyprus, Russia, UK), National Geographic Your Shot,, 35 Awards, Chiiz Magazine; and bagged Awards (National & International).

I have achieved Awards with Distinction (Artist AFIAP) from Fédération Internationale de l’Art Photographique (France) (in 2019) Recognized by UNESCO and EFIP (Excellence FIP) (in 2019) from Federation of Indian Photography (India).

Destruction Of Nature & Life By Super cyclone Amphan By Sudipta Chatterjee

All the pictures in this post are copyrighted to Sudipta Chatterjee. Their reproduction, even in part, is forbidden without the explicit approval of the rightful owners.

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Top 5 Places to See at Least Once

Top 5 Places to See at Least Once

Deciding where to spend your hard-earned vacation time can be difficult. The problem of choosing a destination is usually a matter of picking from among many attractive options rather than coming up with anyplace at all. Some countries, however, take precedence over others because of the sheer beauty of their cities, culture, and cuisine. Here are the top five places you should visit at least once.

1.Paris, France

The City of Light has been hailed as the height of civilization due to its long history, beautiful architecture, and cozy cafes. If you could take only one more trip during your
lifetime, you would be smart to make it to Paris.

The three must-see attractions in Paris are the Louvre, the Eiffel Tower, and Notre Dame. You could fit all three sights into one day, but you really ought to designate one entire day to explore the wonders of the vast Louvre Museum. Don’t forget to start your day with a pain au chocolat and to relax at the end of the day by enjoying one of Paris’s famed brasseries. Taking cruises from San Diego is also fun.

2. Rome, Italy

The Eternal City is at once the capital of Italy and also the seat of the Roman Catholic Church. Rome has a history going back almost three millennia and has been led by emperors, barbarians, and popes. As you walk through the streets, modern apartment
buildings are interspersed with ruins from the first century. The sense of time
is palpable.

Make time to visit the Vatican with Saint Peter’s Basilica and the Sistine Chapel. The Colosseum and the Pantheon should also be on your agenda. In between visiting historic sights, sample one of Rome’s signature pastas such as carbonara or cacio e pepe.

3. Budapest, Hungary

Budapest is made up of two communities on either side of the Danube river, Buda and Pest. Together they form a modern city with a rich past. On the Buda side of the river, you will find Buda Castle and the Budapest History Museum.

Both of these sights are at the top of a hill, and if you’re feeling strong, work your way up through narrow staircases and hidden walkways to get to the Old town. You’ll be
rewarded with an incredible view of the city.

On the Pest side, dodge students and explore the boulevards that have been compared to Paris in the 1950s. For an authentic taste of Hungary, indulge in a savory goulash and a glass of sweet tokaji wine.

4. London, England

Once the capital of the British Empire, London is still one of the most powerful cities in the world due to being a financial center. All of this wealth has made London a glamorous
and expensive place to visit. Don’t be discouraged, however, because there are
plenty of things to do for every budget.

Start your day with a true English breakfast of eggs, sausage, beans, bacon, mushrooms, and tomatoes. This hearty meal gives you the energy to make your way from the British Museum to the Tower of London to Buckingham Palace to Big Ben.

Don’t forget to take a break for tea time, during which you can contemplate all the history that this small island in the North Atlantic has witnessed.

5. Dublin, Ireland

Dublin is beautiful, known for its parks, bridges, and colorful doors. The Irish capital is also known for the literary giants of James Joyce, Oscar Wilde, and Samuel Beckett. Walking
tours are available that take you through the locations described by these
great authors.

The top sights to see are Dublin Castle, St Patrick’s Cathedral, and Trinity College, where you can see the Book of Kells, an impressive illuminated manuscript. After a long day getting to know the city, sit down in a pub, raise a pint of Guinness and toast yourself for your travels.

You only have so much time away from work, so you should make it count. If you’re willing, trust the advice of those who have gone before you on where to go. You won’t be disappointed.

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Santhi is an avid traveler and primary contributor to the blogs at She has explored most of the states in India and gained vast knowledge on tourist destinations in India and abroad. She also contributes content to other travel websites.

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