प्रोटीन सैंडविच | Protein sandwich | Chef Bhupi | Honest Kitchen

My gears when I am cooking
Steel pan 20”-
Chef knife (Big knife)-
Tomato knife (small knife)-
Steel pan-
Steel kadhai-
-Handi ( Lagan)-
Hawkins 3.5 lit steel-
Mixer grinder-
Wonderchef Granite Cookware 3 piece Set with 26cm Dosa Tawa-
Chef knife Big-
Appe pan-
Weighting scale-
Camera Main –

My Grocery King
Veg aromat powder-
Dry yeast powder-
Maggie seasoning-
Tatri (citric acid)-
Light soya sauce-
-Dark soya sauce-
Kikkoman soya sauce-
Siracha hot chili sauce-
Vinegar white-
Fitkari powder-

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